Website Copy

RailState Website

I wrote all of the copy for this website, and assisted in the artistic design. I also helped maintain the site itself.

Chillistore Website

Wrote and maintained all posts for the Language Quality Assurance (LQA) Startup Chillistore

Ad Copy

Case Studies

Blog Posts

What Data Sharing Means for Rail

I conceptualized and wrote this blog post.

Translation vs. Adaptation
I interviewed SMEs and wrote this post.

Service Design, Beyoncé Style

I conceptualized, wrote, and edited this blog post, which remained Continuum’s most-read post for the company’s lifespan.

Best Day Trips from Marin

DIY Curb Appeal Trends

Wrote blog posts and web copy for high-end real estate consultancy.

Social Media

Email Campaigns

FTR Conference Email

“RailState On Track – July 2022 Newsletter”

White Papers

RailState Data on Train Volume During a Crisis

Creative Writing

A Little Renaissance

I wrote and acted in this short film, which was accepted into the Culver City Film Festival.

Link (PW: renaissance)

A Series of Tom Fooleries

I wrote and maintained this blog of personal humor essays for over six years. Some of my favorites are:


Original screenplay, accepted into the Portland comedy Film Festival and the Austin Comedy Film Festival.


Quick Answers: What is Rail Visibility
I conceptualized this video, wrote the script, and filmed the content – the company’s first-ever video series.

Intro to RailState Video
I wrote the script for this video, and did the VO work. The video yielded an inbound lead within its first two weeks of publishing.

Why Third Party Review & LQA

I came up with the concept, wrote the script, and oversaw the creative direction of this video.

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